Essays and Clips

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Looking Back to Move Forward – WAMU

High Yella & The Search for Identity – Rochester City News

Is it Racist to Ask “What Are You?” – Huffpost

A Conversation on Craft – Writer’s Center

Graduation Season, Less Pomp, More Circumstance – Chalkbeat

Multiracial Americans Drive Change – Washington Post

Growing Up Black & Queer – Batavia Daily News

Interview with WXXI – Connections

Racial Passing is Still a Reality – Boston Globe

Mixed Messages Podcast with Sarah Doneghy

White on the Outside, Black Through and Through – Medium

A Multi-flavored Family Memoir of Race, Love & Loss –

Q&A with Trudi Sundberg – UGA Press

Coach Talk Podcast

A Birth Certificate Masked My Multiracial Truth – Washington Post

Markle’s Story Shows Black People’s Skin Always Scrutinized – Washington Post

Stuck in the Middle – New York Times

I’m a Black Man with White Privilege – Washington Post

Diverse Families Face Skepticism – Washington Post

Tiny Modern Love Stories – New York Times

The Royal Baby has a Special Meaning – Washington Post

Are You Privileged – Special Report with Areva Martin

Modern Family Finale is End of Era – NBC Think

LGBT Americans Optimistic About Future – NPR

The Pandemic Placed My Kids on Unequal Footing – Chalkbeat

Collection of Personal Essays – Medium

Collection of Personal Essays – HuffPost

Gay Marriage & Children of LGBT Parents – MSNBC Live

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